Welcome to the Mivia Lab

Mivia is a research Lab of the University of Salerno active in the fields of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision. Mivia Lab gives contributions to theoretical aspects of Pattern Recognition as syntactic and structural classification paradigms, graph matching and learning and classification reliability. Mivia Lab is particularly directed to applied research in real time video interpretation for videosurveillance applications and human behaviour understanding, biomedical image interpretation for automatic diagnostic systems and robot vision.

Vai a Classification Paradigms

Classification Paradigms

Classification systems have the task of assigning an input sample to one of a set of classes, using a priori knowledge. The MIVIA lab research activities in this field have been focused on two aspects: Multiple Classifier Systems and Classifiers with a reject option.

Vai a Graph based classification and learning

Graph based classification and learning

The MIVIA lab research activity has been focused on the formulation on the learning problem in terms of graphs, using a special kind of generalized graphs as class descriptions, and in the development of learning algorithms based on this representation.

Vai a Image analysis and recognition

Image analysis and recognition

The research efforts of the MIVIA Lab in this field are mainly focused on the definition of techniques for the analysis of biomedical images with the aim of providing the enabling technologies for the realization of Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) systems.

Vai a Video analysis and interpretation

Video analysis and interpretation

The analysis and interpretation of video sequences is a growing research field. The MIVIA lab is active in this research field by more than a decade, and has defined innovative techniques for the real time processing of video sequences for different applicative scenarios.

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