Novembre 15, 2016

MIVIA audio localization

The dataset

The dataset was acquired with a double aim:

  1. to evaluate the performance of localization systems with cheap and less accurate devices, instead of very expensive devices which are more difficult to be used in real applications;
  2. to evaluate the performance of the proposed approach by varying the distance between the microphones.

We considered two different environments, namely a living room 6x4x2,7m (M.LR) and a laboratory of our university 8x8x7m (M.L). The sounds were recorded by using the microphone array of a Kinect sensor. The hardware set was expanded so as to build an array of four microphones, where the maximum distance between them is 138 cm.
Note that the distance between the two central microphones were fixed to 23 cm, as in the original setup of the Kinect sensor.

The recording was made by considering the following acquisition angles: -90, -60, -45, -20, 0, 20, 45, 60, 90. As for M.LR, a man repeats the same word aloud for 10 seconds at a distance of 2m from the microphones. In the second scenario, a Bose loudspeaker was used to reproduce part of a song ($10$ seconds for each recording) at two distances from the array center: 1m and 3m.


For a detailed explanation of the data set and if you aim to use this, please refer to the following papers:

  • to appear


In order to download the data set click here.