Gennaio 20, 2017

VF3: Experimental Results

VF3 has been tested on the MIVIA LDGraphs dataset, a new and very wide dataset composed by dense graphs whose size ranges from 300 to 10.000 nodes.

VF3 has been compared with the following four state of the art algorithms (whose executables used in the experimentation can be requested, together with VF3, at the following link):

Some graphics useful to confirm the effectiveness of VF3 are reported below, for both unlabeled and labeled graphs.


Unlabeled Graphs
rnd2_unl_eta2 rnd2_unl_eta3 rnd2_unl_eta4
η = 0,2 η = 0,3 η = 0,4
Labeled Graphs (Non uniform distribution)
rnd2_lab8nonuni_eta2 rnd2_lab8nonuni_eta3 rnd2_lab8nonuni_eta4
η = 0,2 η = 0,3 η = 0,4
Labeled Graphs (Uniform distribution)
rnd2_lab8uni_eta2 rnd2_lab8uni_eta3 rnd2_lab8uni_eta4
η = 0,2 η = 0,3 η = 0,4